Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sony vs Nokia

For a long time i have been a commited user of Sony products. I used to love the Sony Ericsson Mobiles and Sony cameras, but off late my loyalities towarsd sony seems to be slowly drifting away.

I want to change my mobile now, but i do not find any interesting in what Sony Ericsson has to offer. Its seems like they are behind time. Saw a couple of Nokia models and i was quite impressed with both the features and the price.

Want to change my Sony camera HX-1 but again there has been no new models from Sony for last 2 years. Heard about the new Canon camera with 36X Zoom, now that's mighty impressive :)

Well at this point all i can say is things don't last for ever, there has to be a change in preferences and choices as time passes by.

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