Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snapdeal - Savings day

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I am sure everyone remembers Flipkart's attempt on trying to create an amazing shopping experience on the Big Billon day which of course had its pitfalls. Interestingly Snapdeal made fun of Flipkart by giving full page advertisements showcasing how they are better than Flipkart in terms of giving discounts and their service.

Now Snapdeal has also come up with its own version of "Big Billion day" calling it the "Savings Day", or should i say they have just "shoot oneself in the foot". 

At the very least inspite of some issues on Flipkart servers, people were were able to login and surf through the website for various offers [its another issue that many could not buy]. Now i am trying to see if i can buy anything on Snapdeal from morning, but initially through the snapdeal page did load up, i was not able to login, next after a couple of minutes the entire snapdeal webpage itself is not loading. i cross checked on "http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/" and found that the site is dead for almost 25 mins now.

I thought after the Flipkart's debacle on its Big Billion Day, Snapdeal would be much better prepared to handle to huge load that flipkart servers could not handle. Surprisingly seems like they are not even half as prepared as Flipkart. Image your entire site going down on your so called and so hyped "Savings days" and that too in a matter of minutes !!!

So much for all the hype and trying to beat your competition, i guess then its Flipkart who gets to have the last laugh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

KM Player vs VLC

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Ever since collage days everyone wanted the best music and video player. Starting from Windows Media Player, Real Player, VLC media player. KM player and many more are out in the internet for free download. 

For many years i was really found of KM player. In the beginning it had a simplistic design and could play multiple formats of video. I always found VLC player a bit outdated in terms of its UI, i would always vouch for KM player did any one ask me of my choice, but lately its no more the same,

The updated version of KM player is a advertising machine that annoys me to the core and more over its constants updates left me with disappointment, What was once my favourite media player is not something i can not stand. 

Hence i have switched back to VLC player. The UI still looks outdated but atleast it does not annoy me with stupid advertisements and does its job.

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