Friday, February 11, 2011

Car checks at Office or Shopping complex entrance

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Every time you enter in your car to your office premises or any shopping mall, the security guys will stop you for a security check (Car Security check i mean). I don't get the whole idea of this check. Its completely flawed.

The max the security person check is only in the "diki" and using a mirror he also checks under the car but whats the use. He does not checks whats kept in the back seat. If a terrorist really wants to do something bad then he can as well carry the "stuff" in a bag and keep it in the back seat or even in the front seat. No one is going to bother check it.

This beaing the case why even do this superficially checks and waste the time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Airtel 3G USB data Modem

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I have been using Tata Photon Plus for quite sometime now. I am a happy customer with the service provided except for few "No connectivity issues". Though the speed as not as what they had promised (3.2 Mbps) i still manage to get around 1.5 Mbps that serves my purpose of casual surfing the web and occasional downloads. Every since the 3G "STUFF" started making rounds about all the new technology and high speed connectivity i was very eager to switch over to 3G bandwagon as soon as it is launched.

Finally after all the waiting, 3G service was started in Bangalore by Tata, Reliance and then after a long delay by Airtel. I always wanted to try Airtel since i had a lot of expectations from this company that the service will be very good and also since i have mobile postpaid and land line connection from Airtel.

Airtel was the last to start its 3G service after various delays. Even though the demo of their new 3G service was ready in their showroom, every time you ask them when is the service starting the guy had no answer. Only thing the sales person would tell was "The service will start soon!!!!!!!", this used to really piss me off. The best company in telecom sector is taking so long to start the sevice when other have already started!!!!!!!!!!!

On one fine day in Jan, the news paper had in its front page that Airtel 3G service is starting from now. Well i was super exited agian. Soon i switched over my mobile connection to 3G. The joy was short lived, i was told that the speed that i would be getting on my mobile is just 128 kbps even though my handset has the capacity for 7.2 Mbps.

I again started running around the Airtel showooms to buy the 3G datacard hopping atleast this service will be good. Every time i went i was treated with one only message "The service is still not started, will take some more time....", That was it, i have decided not to go back to Airtel again and will be contining the Tata Photon Plus.

Airtel now Sucks!!!!!!!

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