Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Apple iTunes update

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Apple has updated its iTunes to version 11. After the update it seemed like its a remix version of the old iTunes. Every thing was new and took some time to understand the new menu. But I liked the new interface, the old one looked like it was designed in 1980 and then they fired their designer.

Also now apple allows users in India to download or rent movies and music.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Life of Pi

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Watched the movie Life of Pi in PVR on Saturday and enjoyed every bit of it. The special effects and picturization was superb. The movie starts of with a writer having a conversation with Pi Patel (Our own Irrfan Khan). Other familiar faces in the movie are Adil Hussian (English Vinglish) and Tabu who play the parent role of Pi Patel. Pi Patel and his family live in Pondicherry and own a Zoo. Over a period of time they are forced to sell the zoo animals and settle abroad and hence they start they journey on a ship.

Due to harsh weather and storm the ship collapses and the only immediate survivor would be Pi Patel, a Bengal Tiger, a Zebra, a Gorilla and a Hyena. The core strength of the movie lies on how Pi Patel survives the whole journey until he finds land again.

A must watch movie and surly a visual treat specially for kids. Only after booking the tickets and reaching PVR that we realized the movie is also running in the IMAX format.

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